Project Specifications

  • Client: Anchorline Partners
  • Tenant: Harvest Power
  • Address: 200 Fifth Ave | Waltham, MA
  • Architect: AcTwo
  • Engineer: Design Build
  • Project Size: 6,800 SF
  • Project Completed: June 2016

JDL demolished a public side of an existing tenant space, with the existing perimeter office to remain the same. Hardwood flooring was installed from the entry way to the lounge area. Reclaimed wood paneling was installed at various locations throughout the space giving it a custom and unique look. A new glass CEO office was installed, along with a new boardroom and conference room. A new modern kitchen was installed behind an angled wall. All new workstations and furniture were installed throughout the space as well. As you walk in the main entrance the first thing you will see is the reclaimed wood wrapped around the wall of the boardroom. From the main entrance to the lounge area is the exposed ceiling which was painted a charcoal black. There are five angled fin walls installed in the lounge and two angled walls in the kitchen wrapped in reclaimed wood, with exposed painted metal studs sticking out the top.

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