Project Specifications

  • Client: JetBrains
  • Tenant: JetBrains
  • Address: 2 Seaport Lane | Boston, MA
  • Architect: Dyer Brown
  • Engineer: WB Engineers
  • Project Size: 10,000 SF
  • Project Completed: August 2016

Moving from Cambridge to the up and coming Seaport district, JetBrains designed their new office with more contemporary features and colors. In the reception/pantry/lounge area, Jetbrains chose to go with an open deck sprayed with K-13 fireproofing, to give a very soft white comfortable feel, while standing on new Luxury Vinyl Tiles, that gives a look of a smoothed concrete finish. JetBrians also went with new millwork and appliances within this area. The open office area was designed with plenty of space for brand new work stations under an opened deck with six hanging ACT clouds, to give a very trendy look.

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