Confidential Client

1 Van De Graaff Drive, Burlington

Currently owned by FoxRock Properties, 1 Van De Graaff stands prominently off interstate 95 in Burlington, Ma. CBRE and our Confidential Client contracted JDL to update their new space to serve as their Boston hub. JDL partnered with Gensler Architecture firm and Cosentini Engineering to construct the client’s brand-new office, totaling approximately 12,700 square feet. The interior space was completely demo’d, to allow for an entirely new ergonomic that offers multiple options and spaces for the employee.

Two open areas with over fifty workstations were incorporated into the space to allow for collaboration between the teams. A brand-new café was also included in the office space with a large kitchen island with beautiful quartz countertops, which allow employees to gather around with their morning coffees. The game room was designed to accommodate their ping pong table. The game room’s vibrant wall covering, which was sourced from the United Kingdom, really brings an inviting touch and fun energy to the room. While the space is mainly focused on collaborative work, the perimeter of the space was lined with Teknion double glazed demountable partitions with room sizes ranging from small phone rooms to large conference rooms that can be used for focused quiet work or large collaborative meetings. The double-glazed glass system is a great noise dampener and allows the employees to have silence in these rooms while the rest of the office is working in the common areas.

One of the main architectural features of the office are the “guitar pick ceilings” that the design team affectionately referred to as due to their shape. They are vaulted ceilings that are open to the structural steel deck above and create a seven-foot difference between the acoustical ceiling tiles. Below these guitar pick ceiling areas, are small meeting tables with comfortable inviting chairs that allow the user to feel like they are escaping from the office for a moment while they are in use.

Our client was very conscious of wanting their employees to have a space where they could find a quiet moment or just a space to clear their mind. The library and mindfulness rooms, which JDL constructed, are perfect for just that. With more wall coverings sourced from Europe and reclining chairs, it is the perfect spot to recharge while at the office. By upgrading the MEP system and designing space with high end finishes, the design team carefully created a comfortable and inviting space that makes any employee or prospective client feel assured that the space was constructed with the utmost care and that they will be handled with care as well.

1 Van De Graaff Drive, Burlington

Confidential Client

Confidential Client
project size
12,700 SF
July 2023
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