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A Premier General Contracting Firm

JDL provides a full range of general contracting and design services for a sophisticated and discerning clientele.

Our core business is tenant interiors, focused on high-end projects that involve innovative, creative designs that require expert workmanship and keen attention to detail. Our dedicated team strives to build a long-term relationship with our clients through a total commitment to quality and service. We approach each client project with the same level of attention, whether we’re providing you with a single storefront or a large commercial property.


JDL's preconstruction team utilizes an unmatched level of project-specific knowledge, paired with the latest advancements in technology, in order to deliver the most reliable information as fast as possible. This data helps owners and clients to make informed decisions and set realistic milestones for their projects. From project costs to scheduling and logistics - we approach each project by trying to identify issues as early as possible - before they cost time and money.

Cost Estimating

JDL specializes in the niche market of commercial interior spaces. No one knows this space better. We approach every estimate with unparalleled building-specific knowledge and a proprietary database of historical costs. JDL’s unique estimating process produces a highly detailed budget that clearly and accurately assesses costs.

Site Selection

JDL works with Boston’s best commercial brokers, tenants, and landlords to assess multiple sites for various projects. JDL is able to analyze site conditions and produce conceptual budgets faster than our competitors. We provide accuracy and agility that gives our clients the upper hand during site selection and lease negotiations.


From 3D laser scanning and site modeling to bid management platforms - our preconstruction group uses technology to make our process the best it can be. These tools bring a higher level of accuracy and better level of communication to each project. This means a higher level of confidence in each estimate and fewer change orders for our clients.

Cost Control & Design Review

JDL serves as a strategic partner in the preconstruction phase of each project. We manage the design process to ensure that what is on paper is accurate and within budget. Our goal is to identify problems at each stage of design before they cost time and money.

Value Engineering

When circumstances require budget reductions to be made, JDL scrutinizes the details to find savings that do not sacrifice the design intent or level of finish. We leverage our site-specific knowledge to find cost savings while maintaining quality.

Project Approval & Permitting

JDL utilizes a full-time in-house permit expediter for all of our projects. Our thorough understanding of permitting requirements allows us to streamline the process. The resulting foundation of trust and accuracy allows us to deliver approvals faster than the competition.


JDL analyzes every detail of a project to identify long-lead items. Scrutinizing these details early is crucial to maintaining the correct order of operations in the field. A heavy focus on procurement is how JDL ensures both quality and schedule are maintained.


JDL’s construction management teams deliver complex projects while providing the best level of customer service possible. We take a proactive approach to construction management – meaning we present solutions rather than simply identify problems. Our dedicated team strives to build a long-term relationship with our clients through a total commitment to quality and service.

Logistics Planning

A comprehensive logistics plan is crucial in properly maintaining project schedule, budget and safety. JDL's project team sets out to understand how a project will be executed on paper before any work starts on site. This exercise helps bring all project stakeholders together under a communal set of expectations.

Vendor Selection

A successful construction project hinges on having the right subcontractors for the job. JDL aligns each project with the subcontractors who have the right amount of manpower and experience to deliver the necessary results.

Schedule Management

Our extensive experience in executing complicated projects serves as the basis for our understanding of how to drive a project schedule forward. Efficient communication and procurement oversight are the backbones of a project schedule. JDL understands the importance of taking a collaborative approach to scheduling. Including all project stakeholders in the process ensures all parties have a say in setting expectations and responsibilities.

Quality Control

Quality control starts the day we are awarded a project. From extensive due diligence on complex design features to on-site coordination meetings - our team knows that a quality outcome is the result of thorough planning. From the field to the office, the project team implements a quality control protocol on each and every project to ensure consistent results.

Site Safety & Risk Mitigation

JDL has an excellent safety record and is tirelessly committed to ensuring safety is the priority on each and every site. Our rigorous safety program includes daily site meetings to review construction activities, weekly trade safety talks, project specific safety plans, and regular safety reviews and inspections.

Material & Equipment Sourcing

The ability to execute a project on site relies on getting the right materials at the right time. JDL has built a trusted network of vendors who can deliver products and information on time and at the best price.

Inspections & Certification

JDL takes our reputation with local municipalities and building departments very seriously. With an unparralleled level of resepct for and experience working with these groups we have a thorough understanding of what will be required when we approach each project.

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