Stetson Hall-Northeastern University

10 Forsyth St Boston, MA

Northeastern University enlisted JDL to transform the first floor of a residence hall into a vibrant, high-spirited space where students can study, engage classmates, and collaborate with peers. The space itself is bright and colorful, with beautiful wood wall paneling, 3D acoustical wall panels, and moss walls that bring the space to life.

Taking place in an active dormitory, the measures implemented to ensure the smooth execution of this project demanded a unique approach. JDL took all necessary precautions to avoid causing distractions in a learning environment. JDL was committed to honoring Northeastern’s requests and worked hard to ensure that the students’ ability to learn was not jeopardized.

This project prioritized security and provided two separate high-end proctor stations that highlight this residence hall lobby. State-of-the-art turnstiles were linked into the new proctor stations, increasing overall building security, which should make not only Northeastern feel safer, but also the family members of the NEU student body.

The renovated first floor now has direct access to the Stetson dining hall, which is located just beneath the lobby. The overall design creates the impression of expansive and interconnected social areas while emphasizing the flow of space through the building. TV displays and new gaming systems were installed to provide students with a place to relax, as well as custom wall covering that complements the lively atmosphere of this residence hall lobby.

10 Forsyth St Boston, MA

Stetson Hall-Northeastern University

Northeastern University
RW Sullivan
project size
6,500 SF
December 2022
project type

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