June 17, 2022

Thompson Island Volunteer Day 2022

On Friday, April 29th the JDL team spent the day out in Boston Harbor – pitching in to help out one of our favorite nonprofit groups.  

Thompson Island Outward Bound is a group that helps offer free nature-focused learning programs to Boston area school communities. These programs blend scientific and emotional learning with outdoor adventure – providing Boston’s youth with a form of education that can often be missing from inner-city life.  By offering all of this on an island in the middle of Boston Harbor, Thompson Island Outward Bound can offer a connection to the outdoors and that these children may not otherwise get to experience.

Every year our team gets the opportunity to spend a day on the island – putting in some elbow grease to help maintain the 204-acre island classroom.  

The morning started with a ferry ride over from the Seaport to Thompson Island.  The JDL team got to take in the amazing views from the harbor along way.  

After getting marching orders from the incredible Thompson Island staff, the JDL crew got to work on projects around the island.  From pruning trees and raking the grounds to setting up tables and cleaning up litter – we are thrilled to have been able to play a part in the amazing work that takes place on this island. 

After lunch we were treated to a tour of the island before departing on the ferry back to Boston. JDL is extremely proud to get the opportunity to give back to this wonderful organization that does so much for the youth of our city!

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