June 17, 2022

WWIRE: Wellness for Women in Real Estate

WWIRE (Wellness for Women in Real Estate) promotes and connects strong women in Commercial Real Estate through WELL and FIT events. They integrate the five aspects of wellness: social, spiritual, chemical, structural and emotional. The social events are focused on expanding connections within our industry while building a stronger mind and body. 

WWIRE is a modern-day networking group that encourages health, wellness & team bonding! Rather, it is delving deeper and developing richer relationships with fellow members with either an activity or wellness session. 

JDL has sponsored and attends the WWIRE events throughout the past several years. We strongly encourage the females of our office to get out and meet like-minded women in the same industry. This WWIRE event was held at Everybody Fights in Downtown Boston, which a few of our JDL females attended and were able to network with ladies in the real estate community as well as commercial real estate. After the event there is typically a social hour following the workout. After this event we were all welcomed to go to Sip Café right around the corner! This gave us the opportunity to discuss real estate with other ladies.

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