May 30, 2023

Advancing Preconstruction 2023: JDL’s Takeaways from this Year’s Conference

Last week, our Preconstruction team at JDL Corporate Interiors had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Advancing Preconstruction 2023 conference in Phoenix, Arizona. As a leading commercial general contractor, we believe in staying ahead of the curve and leveraging innovative practices to better serve our clients. This event, with its rich blend of experts, cutting-edge technology showcases, and market insights, was a fantastic platform to advance our knowledge and skills.

From in-depth seminars to hands-on demonstrations, the conference provided us with a wealth of new ideas and methods to improve our preconstruction process. It affirmed our belief that the foundation of a successful construction project lies in the effectiveness of its preconstruction stage. Our team walked away from this event with some key learnings and a plan to incorporate new processes to the benefit of our clients.

Embracing Technology

One of the standout themes at the conference was the role of technology in preconstruction. We attended insightful sessions on how innovative technologies, like data visualization, advanced surveying, and cloud-based collaboration tools, are redefining the preconstruction landscape.

The JDL Preconstruction team had the opportunity to put these technology solutions to the test firsthand and see the benefits in real time.  As a company, we have always maintained the importance of bringing our clients the most innovative solutions and services possible.  Attending this conference allows us to seek out the latest and greatest offerings and bring them back to improve our processes and perfect our project delivery.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Another takeaway was the rising importance of sustainability in preconstruction. With the construction industry being a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions, it was invigorating to see the concerted efforts toward building ‘greener.’ From sourcing sustainable materials to designing energy-efficient structures, there’s a clear shift in mindset. As a responsible contractor, we are committed to integrating these sustainability principles into our preconstruction process.  We strongly believe this will be an increasingly important area of focus for the industry moving forward and are committed to doing our part to make a difference.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Effective risk mitigation starts during preconstruction. The conference highlighted the importance of comprehensive site assessments, safety measures, budgeting, and scheduling in mitigating risks. Tools and strategies discussed, like predictive analytics and Lean Construction techniques, will help us foresee and manage potential risks better, ensuring smoother execution for our clients.

Improved Collaboration

Finally, the importance of collaboration and communication during the preconstruction phase was a repeated theme. Utilizing technologies like cloud-based project management software will allow all stakeholders – from architects and engineers to subcontractors and clients – to communicate effectively and make informed decisions. By improving collaboration, we aim to ensure transparency and alignment with our clients’ vision from the outset.

Attending the Advancing Preconstruction 2023 conference has equipped us with new knowledge and strategies to streamline our preconstruction process, reduce risk, and deliver superior outcomes for our clients. As we move forward, we will leverage these insights to provide our clients with a smoother, more efficient, and sustainable construction experience. We look forward to the opportunities these learnings will bring to our clients and to the broader construction industry.

Stay tuned as we continue to share our journey and the exciting new developments in preconstruction. If you have a project in mind, feel free to contact us to benefit from these advancements. After all, our clients’ success is our success.

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