September 27, 2023

Celebrating 13 Years of Excellence with Chris Ferragamo, Our Exceptional VP of Field Operations

This past week we celebrated a milestone that speaks to dedication, leadership, and camaraderie. It’s with great pleasure that we commemorate the 13th anniversary of our esteemed VP of Field Operations, Chris Ferragamo. Chris has not only been a pillar of strength but a source of laughter, wisdom, and inspiration to us all.

A Friendship That Shaped a Legacy:

Chris’s journey with JDL is a testament to the power of lifelong connections and shared dreams. He fondly recalls, “I knew Jon since I was 18, and when he started the business, we discussed working together. After approximately 6 months, I jumped on board.” This enduring friendship and shared vision have been the driving force behind Chris’s exceptional contribution to our team.

A Problem-Solver with a Sense of Humor:

Chris’s leadership style is a perfect blend of skill and humor. He has an uncanny ability to tackle complex challenges while keeping the atmosphere light-hearted and enjoyable. In his own words, “Problem solving and knowing that each day is going to bring on a new set of challenges” are what he loves most about JDL. His dedication to finding innovative solutions, combined with his sense of humor, has been a source of motivation for everyone he works with.

Navigating Adversity and Thriving:

Throughout multitude of challenges, Covid19, and helping curate a successful company, Chris has been a steady and reassuring presence. He reflects on this journey, saying, “We have had so much adversity thrown at us over the last 13 years… JDL has prospered and weathered the storm no matter what we have been dealt.” Chris’s leadership has been instrumental in our growth and resilience.

A Bright Future Under Wise Leadership:

Chris also shares his perspective on the industry and JDL’s growth. He highlights the remarkable achievements despite the numerous adversities faced, emphasizing that JDL has not only survived but thrived. He notes, “We work for the best clients in the industry who value what JDL has to offer.” Chris also acknowledges our President, Jonathan Lake, for his astute decision-making that has ensured the company’s continuous prosperity.

In conclusion, Chris Ferragamo is not just a skilled leader; he’s a friend to all, mentor, and a true asset to our JDL family. Here’s to many more years of success, laughter, and growth with our extraordinary VP of Field Operations! Cheers to Chris!

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