May 23, 2024

Effective Coordination: Collaborating with Tenants Beneath Construction Sites

In the realm of commercial construction, seamless coordination with tenants situated below our construction sites is paramount. At JDL, this coordination is not just a necessity but a skill we excel at, particularly when we are involved in the project from its early stages.

Strategic coordination was imperative during the renovation of Kimball’s International showroom, a 10,000 square foot space located in Boston’s Fort Point. This showroom was situated directly above Spin, a lively ping pong bar that operates from 4:00 PM into the early morning hours on weekends. Since contractors often engage in off-hours work during this timeframe, using loud equipment for tasks like floor cores and plumbing, precise planning was crucial.

From the outset of the project, JDL understood the critical nature of coordinating with the space below. Our early involvement allowed us to review Kimball’s proposed layout before it advanced too far into the design phase. By overlaying their layout onto Spin’s reflected ceiling plan, we identified potential conflicts and issues early on.

An instance we encountered was a clash in a specific area where Kimball planned to install power, coinciding with our floor core plan. This area directly impacted Spin’s dining and play zones, as well as the bar section. Recognizing this potential conflict, we addressed it promptly and strategically.

Our proactive approach during the initial stages facilitated a comprehensive examination of potential conflicts, paving the way for the smooth execution of the project. This seamless coordination not only benefits our construction processes but also ensures minimal disruptions for our valued tenants.



Kyle Kiernan | Vice President of Pre-Construction

Anthony Deangelis | Chief Estimator

Zack Snell | Preconstruction Manager

Rick Sullivan | Assistant Project Estimator

Project Management:

Alex Brennan | Vice President of Project Management

Christina Lally | Vice President of Business Development and Lead Project Manager

Jonathan Lojko | Assistant Project Manager

Chris Ferragamo | Vice President of Field

Andrew Ward | Project Superintendent

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