August 3, 2023

Happy 13-Year Anniversary to our VP of Business Development and Project Management!

Happy 13-Year Anniversary to an exceptional leader and cherished member of our JDL family, Christina Lally! Christina joined JDL as an intern when she was just twenty, and from the beginning she has been an invaluable part of our journey. Her dedication and expertise have truly been instrumental in our success.

Christina’s brilliance shines through in every aspect of her work. Her exceptional skills in Business Development and Project Management have consistently elevated our projects to new heights. Her intelligence and experience are evident in every decision she makes, guiding our team towards excellence.

As one of the first members to join our family, Christina’s knowledge of JDL and interior construction is unparalleled. She’s a true pillar of strength, and her presence adds a sense of stability and confidence to our endeavors.

But Christina’s impact goes beyond her professional achievements. Her warm and personable nature has made her a beloved figure among colleagues. She sets the bar high for women in our company, showing that incredible success and motherhood can go hand in hand.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have Christina as part of our team. Her inclusiveness and unwavering support make the office a place where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

Here’s to many more years of shared success, growth, and laughter with Christina Lally! Cheers to an amazing leader, professional, and role model! 🥂

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