April 30, 2024

JDL Attends Red Sox Batting Practice with Boston Properties

At JDL, building enduring connections with our clients is a top priority for us. We believe in fostering relationships that extend beyond office hours, allowing us to gain deeper insights into our clients’ needs and contribute to the development of exceptional, high-quality projects.

Boston Properties holds significant importance as a client to JDL, with whom we’ve collaborated for over a decade. As the largest publicly traded developer, owner, and manager of Class A office properties in the United States, BXP shapes excellent spaces and places, developing state-of-the-art headquarters, workplaces, and destinations for forward-thinking companies and communities. BXP’s executive management team is among the most respected and accomplished in the REIT industry. Continuing the entrepreneurial vision of our founders Mort Zuckerman and Ed Linde, their leadership team averages 32 years of real estate experience and 21 years with BXP.

To celebrate the start of the 2024 MLB season and express our gratitude to our valued client, we treated the Boston Properties team to an unforgettable experience at a Red Sox batting practice.

The event kicked off with our group gathering alongside our tour guides, who provided us with Red Sox gloves and VIP passes. We had the privilege of standing in center field, witnessing the players warm up, and even interacting with some of them. We also had the thrill of catching and keeping any balls that came our way.

Following that, we moved to the historic stadium seats to learn about Fenway Stadium and its iconic Green Monster. Our tour continued with a visit to the facility’s highlights, including the hall of fame plaques, the Red Sox jerseys through the years, and notable Sports Illustrated articles. The tour concluded at the Green Monster, where we enjoyed a direct view of BXP’s Prudential Tower. We were then directed to our exclusive suite right above home plate where we enjoyed refreshments and all of the ball park favorite dishes, which obviously included the Fenway franks.

While the Red Sox game didn’t end in victory, the experience was unparalleled. We extend our gratitude to BXP for nurturing this special relationship with JDL. It’s always an honor to create lasting memories with such an incredible company.

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