November 11, 2022

JDL Named to BBJ’s ‘Largest Veteran-Owned Businesses in Massachusetts’

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JDL is proud to announce that we have been named as one of the ‘Largest Veteran-Owned Businesses in Massachusetts’ by the Boston Business Journal.

This honor is given to our President, Jonathan Lake, who made the decision to enlist himself in the USAF at 18 years old. He continued to serve as an active duty MedTech for the U.S. Air Force from the time he was 19 to 23.

As a Med tech, he worked in hospitals specifically catered towards military veterans and their families. He delivered babies, worked in the ER, as well as the cardiac care unit.

His time in the military and at these hospitals taught him a great work ethic which still ensues to this day. However, he is first and foremost grateful for the ability to be exposed to different ethnicities, races and cultures. Coming from a small town in Massachusetts, he had limited education on diverse communities, and is thankful everyday his experience changed his perception of the world.

Compassion and acceptance are key lessons he took away from his time in the Air Force and it shows daily through the culture he has built at JDL.

The Boston Business Journal is the leading source for breaking news and trends in the Boston market. Every year, the BBJ compiles and publishes information on the most influential companies that define the local economy. In order to make this lists distinction, the organization reviewed dollar volumes of the largest veteran-owned businesses in the area’s Construction Industry.  

This award is a testament to the hard work our veterans and military put forth each and every day. It shows the great respect that the JDL team and the other veteran-owned businesses have built within this industry. We are very proud and honored to have a president who has served our country. We are also honored to being named one of BBJ’s Largest Veteran-Owned Companies in Massachusetts.

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