February 22, 2023

JDL Pump Takes Over B/Spoke

Yesterday evening after work, the JDL team gathered together at B/Spoke Studios in downtown Boston for our JDL Pump group workout class. This event was organized as a way to promote team building, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle among team members outside of the typical workday.

Juliet Truesdale, a highly motivated JDL employee, coordinated this extraordinary event as she is training to be an instructor.

The workout class was led by a B/Spoke trainer who encouraged us to push past our limits yet tailored the class to accommodate all fitness levels, including cycling and strength training exercises. The team had a great time working out together and brought great energy with streams of motivational shoutouts throughout the class.

Overall, the JDL Pump class had a great time at the B/Spoke workout session, and the event successfully achieved its intended goals of promoting team building and a healthy lifestyle outside of work hours. It was a great reminder that taking care of one’s physical and mental health is essential to being a productive and successful member of the team (even if we are all sore today).

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