June 3, 2024

JDL Sponsors WWIRE event: Sweatwork for a Cause – Bounce with Barre Groove

On Wednesday, May 29th, JDL sponsored WWIRE’s event: “Sweatwork for a Cause – Bounce with Barre Groove” at Tall ship in East Boston.

This event was hosted by WWIRE (Wellness for Women in Real Estate), an organization dedicated to empowering women in the commercial real estate industry. WWIRE connects women through WELL and FIT events, offering a unique blend of wellness and fitness. This program fosters not only professional relationships but also personal growth and well-being. “Sweatwork for a Cause” exemplifies their commitment to bringing women together for enjoyable and meaningful events. All ticket proceeds were also donated to Rosie’s Place, a women-only shelter that provides a safe place for poor and homeless women to get a bed and a meal in Boston.

Imagine a fantastic trampoline workout, networking with like-minded individuals, and raising money for a noble cause—all in one event. This event was an incredible blend of fitness, socializing, and philanthropy.

Our workout kicked off with an invigorating trampoline session that had us bouncing with enthusiasm. Alanna Perry, our instructor, was an absolute powerhouse, guiding us through a series of trampoline fitness exercises both on and off the trampoline. Her infectious energy made the entire group feel powerful and at ease, creating an unforgettable experience. Whether you were a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, this workout was accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We were honored to sponsor this fantastic event. We look forward to more inspiring events with WWIRE and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to give back while breaking a sweat.

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