January 10, 2023

New Project: Lobby Renovations at 176 Federal Street

JDL is thrilled to start another exciting project with FoxRock Properties at 176 Federal St, Boston MA. This project consists of a full renovation of the 1,650 SF three level lobby that sits in the center of the six-story office building in the heart of downtown Boston.

This renovation includes many new high-end and custom finishes to give the lobby a completely new modernized look. All the new floor tile is coming custom made from Italy along with an extremely exclusive custom Wendy Morrison carpet coming from Nepal.

The 176 Federal St Lobby is the only building in Boston that is home to four cockatiel parrots that live peacefully in a cage in the lobby. We have the unique task of building a brand-new bird cage to house these birds upon completion of the renovation. Many of the design components are based around the cockatiel parrots as well, including perch tree chandeliers and unique parakeet wall covering. The custom bronze mesh bird cage will be surrounded by wood veneer paneling that will travel up three floors and take over the entire elevator lobby wall.

We are very excited to start this project and work together with Fusion Design Consultants and C3 Engineers to deliver a beautiful, updated lobby for FoxRock and the tenants of 176 Federal Street! 

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