Project Specifications

  • Client: Oxford Properties Group
  • Tenant: Oxford Properties Group
  • Address: 222 Berkeley Street - 500 Boylston Street | Boston MA
  • Architect: Visnick & Caulfield
  • Engineer: RDK Engineers
  • Project Size: 60,000 SF
  • Project Completed: August 2017

This project was a full demolition of the 5th floor at 222 Berkley Street and 500 Boylston Street. The ceilings were sprayed white and the walls were patched/painted white creating a “white box”. All floors were prepped and skimmed coated to make ready for further flooring. Lastly, a small marking suite section was added on both sides of the building with elevator lobby floors having polished concrete. The most extensive challenge/change of the project was getting the approval to knock down the shared demising wall where the 222 Berkeley building and 500 Boylston building meet to make one giant floor.

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