Project Specifications

  • Client: Boston Properties
  • Tenant: Convergent Dental
  • Address: 140 Kendrick Street | Needham MA
  • Architect: Cube 3 Studio
  • Engineer: WB Engineers
  • Project Size: 12,748 SF
  • Project Completed: November 2016

Offices were eliminated and reconfigured to accommodate the new layout of the space.  Three new labs were built for the testing of dental machines, with two of them having windows to see what is going on.  Two of the labs also have Static Dissipative Tiles to prevent electrostatic discharge. IDEA paint was installed in various locations throughout the space. The main conference room features a full length IDEA paint wall that allows people to write on the wall, along with various other rooms. A private bathroom and rowing room were built for the CEO attached to his office, which also features a full length IDEA paint wall.  In the main lobby you are met by a glass room filled with dental equipment set up for a cleaning.

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