Project Specifications

  • Client: Curaspan
  • Tenant: Curaspan
  • Address: 275 Grove Street | Waltham, MA
  • Architect: IA
  • Engineer: C3 Engineering
  • Project Size: 17,000 SF
  • Project Completed: April 2016
This project included a full demolition and a concrete slab opening for the construction of new office space with an interconnecting stair. This project changed virtually every aspect of the existing space. The second floor office space went from a densely packed floor with perimeter offices to a wide open layout and large open collaboration/pantry area with exposed ceilings. Folding glass partitions were installed to further open up the space for large company gatherings. In addition, a staircase was installed between the existing Curaspan space and their second floor expansion space. The custom steel staircase featured orange guard cables to match the 14’ orange chandelier suspended from the second floor ceiling down to the first floor lobby. This project is full of custom and unique aspects including a new staircase, specialty lighting – including a 14’ multi-layered chandelier, folding glass partitions and wood-slat ceiling.

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