Project Specifications

  • Client: Rockhill Management
  • Tenant: Speculative Suite
  • Address: 101 Federal Street, 23rd Floor | Boston MA
  • Architect: Visnick & Caulfield
  • Engineer: C3 Engineering
  • Project Size: 18,650 SF
  • Project Completed: September 2016

The exposed concrete flooring was polished, and the other areas were carpeted with an intricate pattern.  A new glass conference room was added, along with the DIRTT wall offices. The elevator lobby was completely redone to feature a custom light. A new pantry area was added with two countertops and a separating glass partition.  A new bathroom was also installed. The elevator lobby has a custom light that follows the full length of the wall and connects into the full length light on the ceiling with a 90 degree angle.  The reception area features an Arktura Panel hanging in an open ceiling.  There is a glass conference room that features a wrapped wall panel.  The Pantry area has grey glass between the two waterfall countertops, millwork paneled appliances to match the rest of the millwork, and Halo lights hanging in an open ceiling.  The exposed concrete flooring was polished to give it a nice finished look.

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